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Tagged: China


VMI Prof Warns: U.S. Asian Pivot Could Lead to War

U.S. efforts to surround Eurasia with the Asian Pivot create a dangerous war environment between America and China. That’s the warning from Dr. Clifford A. Kiracofe, veteran academic and former Senate Foreign Relations Committee senior staff member. Kiracofe now teaches world history, U.S. and European...


To Die For: Global Arms Sales Rise, U.S. Leads

The U.S. again led all arms sales in 2015, accounting for $23 billion of the record-setting $65 billion global total. IHS Jane’s, the defense-industry information source, reported the figure on Monday, June 19. The report also predicted that 2016 global weapons and equipment sales would...


Obama’s Hiroshima Hypocrisy

Wait a minute! Did we hear Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, right? Did he really say this on Wednesday regarding President Obama’s planned trip to Hiroshima, the historic cradle of nuclear war? The president intends to visit to send a much more forward-looking...


NukeGarble: “Good Guys” Gab About EndGame

Open to The Oval Office: President Obama is seated on the couch with his laptop. He’s playing the old videogame “Nuclear War”. He’s vying with four of the electronic characters on the screen: Infidel Castro, Mao the Pun, Mikhail Gorabachef, and Ronnie Raygun. In the...


Why Greece May Exit EU, Join BRICS

Rumors have begun rising of Greece leaving the European Union and joining BRICS, the alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – considered the world’s emerging economies. Combined, BRICS includes 40% of the globe’s population and 20% of the gross world product. Here’s...