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Henry X: Five Sonnets

  HENRY X It only takes one night, you see. And so it went with the sneaky king, humping Anne’s handmaid by lamplight centuries ago. She fled back to Kleve, lived out stinging pain of years, my forbears holding our secret. Grandfather waded back to...


Selected Sonnets: Summer 2015

NAMASTE I bow to the divine in you. Know this is true by my palms and fingers touching, thumbs close to my heart: spiritual kiss in making love to your universe. Sing of our sudden meeting in 3000 BC – you kneeling on Indus shore,...


NukeGarble: “Good Guys” Gab About EndGame

Open to The Oval Office: President Obama is seated on the couch with his laptop. He’s playing the old videogame “Nuclear War”. He’s vying with four of the electronic characters on the screen: Infidel Castro, Mao the Pun, Mikhail Gorabachef, and Ronnie Raygun. In the...


Why Greece May Exit EU, Join BRICS

Rumors have begun rising of Greece leaving the European Union and joining BRICS, the alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – considered the world’s emerging economies. Combined, BRICS includes 40% of the globe’s population and 20% of the gross world product. Here’s...


900 Republicans Announce for President

The Republican presidential sprint has turned into a mass marathon. The headcount this week amassed to 900 candidates — the field ballooning ironically following the announcement that the Koch Brothers — Charles and David — are contributing $900 million to a field of GOP competitors....