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U of Texas Gunners Stay No. 1 in Wins/Killings

The University of Texas Longhorn Gunners re-holstered their top National Campus Carry ranking Saturday by defeating No. 7 Oklahoma State with 1,245 confirmed killings to 1,207 before a crowd of 94,356 screaming survivors in Longhorn Stadium. It took a rally by Longhorn captain Barry “Shooter”...


Saudis Wage Violent/Economic Global Wars

We’ve written often of our frustration with the United States pursuing endless war and creating chaos in the Middle East. Meanwhile, recent years have shown Saudi Arabia‘s kingdom advancing with global aggressive war — either violent or economic — detrimentally affecting every continent. It’s vicious...


Godlover: Five Sonnets

    GODLOVER Godlover, walking cracked narrow sidewalk dissecting asphalt road and vast parking lot, searches for a tree. Finds one and talks softly to green leaves, touching its bark and thinking of some unknown axman who broke the rules. He studies those thick, flexing...