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Author: Kevin Patrick Dowling


Urban Druid: Rebel Without Applause

Last month I posted no column.  I waited for the Muse, but she never showed up.  I could have fudged it and passed off some munchy-crunchy Upperwestside schmaltz, but that would not honestly reflect my state of mind as a true column should. In retrospect,...


Urban Druid: “The Good Old Days”

Fancying myself as someone who follows through… I am forcing myself to sit and type something for February.  A sort of stream of consciousness… short and sweet. Major decisions weigh heavy and added to it… I’ve not been feeling well lately. … Overheard an older...


Urban Druid: New York Street Vendors Then and Now

THE PRETZEL MAN Passing through Astor Place near Cooper Union recently, the change was apparent.  I felt blue.  Old New York is almost gone.  Native New Yorkers are gone.  How squeaky clean and sterile it has become.  But, Astor Place?  How did they find it?  Even my favorite street vendor the Pretzel...