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Two Flags Gone Bad: Say It Ain’t So, Uncle Sam

The Confederate flags surrounding me as I grew up in Arkansas may still represent states rights, race separation, and revolution against a dictatorial national government to some folks. But they lost that battle.

confederate+american_to_rebel_flag__71969.1339393323.1280.1280+kootation+comThat stubborn symbol now supports a far wider vision global in scope. It’s the effort to sustain in the 21st century the pseudo-Christian White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) passion born in factories and plantations: to make slaves again of African-American men, women and children; to segregate and control Jews, the Middle-East Muslims, the Asian Buddhists, the Mexican and Latin American Catholics; to enslave again all women, keep ‘em in the kitchen, and rip from them their hard-fought rights to property, to own businesses, and to vote, and to the respect and care of their own bodies. And to ostracize the gay community who sure can’t help the PCWASPs propagate.

It represents the rich, pseudo-Christian WASP effort to keep poor white trash as poor white trash, and slowly devolve the American Middle Class into that unsustainable income bracket. Today we politely call them the One Percent: conniving to cast the 99 Percent as Property…to use or condemn at will.

It’s the neo-con/corporate-state/oligarchic philosophy of American Exceptionalism to control and enslave the globe. To make international corporations more powerful than sovereign nations. The Exceptionalists wave the American flag in their hands, but in their hearts it’s the Confederate flag calling for world control and economic enslavement through the Racket of War.

The Confederate flag and American flag are no longer symbols of supposed higher causes. They’re now Advertising Logos which in reality represent fear, greed, and the lust to poison earth, air, water, and food for the Profit of the Few.

In short, it’s the pseudo-Christian WASP futile effort to oppose Integration (strange for folks who integrated two Germanic tribes and pledge allegiance to a crucified Jewish carpenter). The PCWASPs are terrified of Integration with Anybody but their Minority Own. To them, the 99 Percent are all Terrorists challenging their Right to Rule, handed down by a materialistic god who created the Industrial Revolution and put them in charge of it in their pseudo-Christian WASP “City upon a Hill”.


Eisenhower saw the reality.

Dwight David Eisenhower, the American Army general, war hero, and Republican President of the United States, saw this coming. He warned of the rise of the Military-Industrial Complex. He realized that a dedicated military itself – bound by a vow to protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic – could fall prey to the pseudo-Christian WASP, amoral rich and their Wall Street Banksters as they took control of Congress, the White House, and the courts. And indeed the military has fallen prey. We all have.

Of course, most folks don’t want to realize it, and sure won’t admit it. They’ve been victims of pseudo-Christian WASP corporate education from primary schools through a higher-education system that exists — not to educate — but to economically sustain its own One Percent. It’s an education which demands we fall into assembly lines, live on credit, or fade away into slums or private prisons.

We’re now a public who has forsaken classic, literate education and settled for entertainment/sports television and small arsenic doses of Internet and i-Phones with emphasis on gut music and texting. The just-right uneducated public the politicians and corporate cronies love.

In the 21st century, Education is a Racket. Scientific research is a Racket. War is a Racket. Wall Street is a Racket. Corporations are Rackets, tragically led by Corporate Media. All this resulting in a nation of fantasy Exceptionalism cowed into Blind Acceptance and Belligerent Denial: historic signs of an ignorant, fearful civilization eventually to dissolve.

Of course, none of these descriptions are new. They’re just reality. The reality that consistently leads this columnist to challenge you — if you comprehend the reality — to get organized, get educated, and get active to bring about positive change.

But, hey. If you disagree, and don’t consider them your reality, then write your own column.

Roger Armbrust

Roger Armbrust's articles and columns have covered labor and management, Congressional legislation, and federal court cases, including appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court. He formerly served as national news editor of Back Stage in New York City, where he also taught a professional writing course at New York University. His recent book of sonnets -- oh, touch me there: Love Sonnets -- is available from Amazon and other book sites. He is an associate curator of The Clyde Fitch Report. He is also co-founder and co-curator of reality: a world of views.

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