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Washington: “Trust us” on Secret TPP. Right.

So, what if I told you I have negotiated FOR YOU the best trade deal in the world. And what if you said, “Great! Let me see it!”


Critics see TPP written by corporations for corporations.

And what if I responded, “No, I can’t let you see it, even though it’s FOR YOU. It’s secret.”

What would you think? Would you trust me?

Then, what if you heard that a Nobel Prize-winning economist – Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University in New York City – publicly said this trade deal was HORRIBLE. It’s not for you. Or, as Stiglitz said of the TPP in a New York Times op-ed:

There is a real risk that it will benefit the wealthiest sliver of the American and global elite at the expense of everyone else.

And what if you heard other critics say the deal’s not even for your government. But a way for multinational corporations to control global markets, not answerable to national laws. In fact, it will let corporations sue nations if they feel they’re kept from profiting by the governments. And that critics have discovered this because a few sections of the massive trade deal have been leaked.

And then what if you came to me, and told me that. And I responded, “That’s okay! Once your Congressional representatives have approved the trade deal, if you don’t like it, you can get it changed!

What would you think? Would you trust me?

This seems to be the basics of the sales pitch coming to America from the corporations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and most Washington politicians.

What’s the trade deal? The Trans-Pacific Partnership.

You can read The New York Times summary of the extensive, HIGHLY SECRET, trade deal here.

You can read Joseph Stiglitz’s Times op-ed – opposing the TPP — here.

You can read and watch Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, state her opposition to the treaty here.

You can see the PBS news interview with John Murphy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, supporting the trade deal, here.

You can read Wikipedia’s detailed history and criticisms of the TPP here.

Your Congressional representative could be voting on fast-tracking the legislation, meaning it must be voted on WITHOUT AMENDMENTS (Do you trust that approach?) as early as Friday, Oct. 12. You may want to let your paid rep know how you want him or her to vote.

Roger Armbrust

Roger Armbrust's articles and columns have covered labor and management, Congressional legislation, and federal court cases, including appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court. He formerly served as national news editor of Back Stage in New York City, where he also taught a professional writing course at New York University. His recent book of sonnets -- oh, touch me there: Love Sonnets -- is available from Amazon and other book sites. He is an associate curator of The Clyde Fitch Report. He is also co-founder and co-curator of reality: a world of views.

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