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Monthly Archive: June 2015


“The French Disconnection”: A Surreal Reality Show

OPEN to OVAL OFFICE. DAY. President Barack Obama alone at his desk, gazing at his laptop. His monitor shows activity of the video game “Grand Theft Auto V”. He’s directing Protagonist 1 in a heist. PREZ: Oh…man…yeah…Oh yeah!… His phone buzzes. He picks it up....


Magna Carta: Our Precedent for American Freedom

Happy 800th birthday, Magna Carta! The U.S. government’s archives feature, among other historic items, the Magna Carta — England’s 13th century legal document sealed by King John —  setting enduring principles of liberty which were later adopted by America’s 13 British colonies and then by...


“30 Americans”: Black Artistic Power Inspires

The Arkansas Arts Center (AAC) is hosting until June 21 an inspiring overview of African-American art covering over 40 years: 30 Americans. The exhibit includes established artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nick Cave, Robert Colescott and Barkley L. Hendricks, as well as younger talents like...