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Eric Sweet Memorial Scholarship Established

The University of Missouri’s Art Department has established a memorial scholarship to honor Eric Sweet, a member of the MU art faculty who died suddenly of a heart attack on April 6.


Eric Sweet

I paid tribute to Eric, loving husband of my daughter Catherine Armbrust — also an artist and MU faculty member — in a column last month: “Good Night, Prince Sweet”.

The Art Department is seeking $25,000 to fund the scholarship for graduate and undergraduate art students concentrating on printmaking, which Eric both practiced and taught.

As the webpage for donating to the scholarship fund states:

Eric L. Sweet left us suddenly on April 6, 2015, at age 44. Eric was a beloved member of the MU Art faculty, having worked at MU since 2012 as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, teaching Printmaking, Drawing and 2-D Design courses. Eric was an alumnus of the Art department, having earned both his BFA (1997) and MFA (2011) from the University of Missouri. In 2008, he received an MA in Printmaking from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Eric was an active member of the Southern Graphics Council International and the College Art Association.

To celebrate Eric’s life and positive role as an educator, we have established this fund to continue passing on his gift. Donations will support funding for graduate and undergraduate students who aspire as printmakers and artists, especially those expanding printmaking’s traditions.

Please consider donating to honor Eric Sweet’s legacy. As Eric (and his 4th grade teacher) might say, “You don’t HAVE to, you GET to.” 

Donations by check can be sent to Brenda Warren, MU Art Department, A126 Fine Arts Building, Columbia, MO 65211 and checks made out to “MU Art Department.”
To give directly to the Eric Memorial Scholarship, go to:


for my son-in-law Eric Sweet

Because he left us art he never leaves.
“Come to Nothing” comes to something after
all — his deft printmaking (although we grieve)
leading us to memory and laughter:
We don’t just have to, we get to explore
the “Ideal”. His “Impacted” mezzotints
still lead me through ancient caverns where scores
of fossils and etchings embed walls. Hints
of vital artifacts lie in their show
“Premeditated”. On my townhouse walls,
I study his framed colors, how they glow,
inspiring eyesight and insight. They call
me to life’s joy and plight, urge me to fight
for soul’s freedom, stay true in all I write.

Roger Armbrust
April 24, 2015

Roger Armbrust

Roger Armbrust's articles and columns have covered labor and management, Congressional legislation, and federal court cases, including appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court. He formerly served as national news editor of Back Stage in New York City, where he also taught a professional writing course at New York University. His recent book of sonnets -- oh, touch me there: Love Sonnets -- is available from Amazon and other book sites. He is an associate curator of The Clyde Fitch Report. He is also co-founder and co-curator of reality: a world of views.

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