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Jan Morgan is a capital B. (Yep, a Bigot)

Jan Morgan


Jan Morgan certainly does not represent the ideas and morals of this particular Arkansas gun owner.

Jan Morgan is a public figure advocating the right to bear arms i.e. the 2nd Amendment. She has been a keynote speaker for the Republican Party and Tea Party Patriots and is certified by the NRA to teach firearm safety classes. She owns The Gun Cave in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This indoor firing range has recently come under fire after a Hindi father and son were given the boot due to the business’s “Muslim-free” policy.

This is a clear-cut case of religious discrimination. Jan herself does not appear to deny this prejudice. Excluding the tales of falling trees in our beautiful Ozarks, there are usually more sides than one to a story, including Jan’s. So what is her excuse for such religious intolerance? Does she love the 2nd Amendment so much that she forgot about the 1st one? Why does she hold an eternal grudge against a community of over 1.6 billion?

Jan Morgan offers two main key points in her defense. Jan claims (1) that her life has been threatened by Muslims and (2) quotes the Quran as having “109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror.”


Jan Morgan's Facebook Quote

Jan Morgan’s Facebook Quote

(Post from Jan Morgan’s Facebook)

On her first point, I have no reason to doubt her life has been threatened. She is a spokesperson evangelizing on touchy gun-control topics. However, it is the individual, not our religious bias, which should be blamed and prosecuted for criminal threat. On her second point, many religious texts are interpreted differently and not all verses are taken literally. People do cherry pick their verses. As a case in point, there are hundreds of violent verses in the King James Bible. This doesn’t mean that all Christians are out to commit heinous acts. The real culprit here is not the religion. It is the individual committing the crime or the voice that twists reasoning and religion into the manipulation of others. Adolf Hitler claimed to be a devout Catholic and even asserted in his speeches that he was doing the work of God. Yet, we don’t associate our Catholic friends with Nazis and Jewish exterminators. That would be insane. However, this same insanity is applied by Jan to the Muslim faith as she labels them all terrorists and murderers.

Jan’s excuse is a masquerade for good, old fashion bigotry. This type of thinking threatens our very American way of “freedom”. This reasoning is provincialism and encourages unfair bullying throughout our society.

Wait a moment though.

Is it not within Jan’s right to refuse clients? Yes, legally it is, sort of… however, the council for American-Islamic relations has challenged her. Thankfully, throughout history, there were people who went against the grain, against the old ways, the conservative ways, and fought to abolish women’s suffrage to gain Jan her rights. The rights to vote, run for office, own and sell property, handle her legal affairs, and even purchase firearms.

In this column, I have named Republicans, Tea Party, Christians, Conservatives and Muslims. I want to be clear that I’m not slandering any of these groups. As I alluded to earlier, it is wiser to judge the individual and not a group which embodies millions and millions of people. My qualm is with the hatred and backwards reasoning of this particular woman, Jan Morgan. She identifies herself to these fore-mentioned groups to gain attention and popularity. She spews religious prejudice in attempt to thwart the forward-thinking progress America has struggled to achieve over the last few decades. Do not be deceived. Jan Morgan’s agenda is to ride the gun control drama bandwagon all the way to the bank. She profits from contributions, documentaries, keynote speaking, selling Hitler t-shirts and other business ventures. Over 27 years of experience in the media has given her a keen advantage to spread her radicalism.

Here’s some food for thought. Jan Morgan has made a name for herself proselytizing the 2nd Amendment. She favors less gun control and believes all law-abiding American’s have the right to guns. However, at the end of the day, it wasn’t Democrats, big government or liberals that denied the father-son duo their 2nd Amendment rights. It was Jan Morgan. Maybe, just maybe, the 2nd Amendment should be revised: “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall only be infringed when Jan Morgan says so.”

Again, what I do know is that Jan Morgan certainly does not represent the ideas and morals of this particular Arkansas gun owner.


Kelt Dockins

Kelt is currently a proud father and husband residing in North Arkansas. When he is not busy working from his home office, he enjoys spending time with his family of four. The family enjoys afternoon walks, sightseeing, swinging, sliding, gardening, chasing farm animals, crafts, woodworking, movies with popcorn, reading books, creating music and dancing. He writes for self-reflection.

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